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Nielsen Fights People Meter Injunction

Nielsen Media Research filed an opposing motion against the injunction filed by Univision calling to delay the roll-out of local people meters (LPM) in Los Angeles. The people meters were scheduled to launch in the L.A. market on July 8.

In its filing with the Los Angeles State Superior Court, Nielsen said, "Univision seeks to influence what should be an impartial system of measuring viewers, in order to maintain inflated, less accurate ratings for certain of its programs over those of its competitors whose ratings are rising."

Nielsen also said that the motion filed by Univision should be denied due to the superior quality of rating data that LPMs offer, that it is more accurate than the system Univision favors, and its sample represents the demographics of the L.A. market better than the status quo.

Nielsen's Senior Vice President Paul Donato said that Univion's claim that the LPM rollout in L.A. was delayed due to deficiencies in the system is inaccurate.