NFL Films Adds Fujinon Lenses To Its Film Cameras

A selection of Fujinon HD lenses, including HA25X11.5 ENG-Style telephoto lenses, HA22X7.8 telephoto lenses and HA13X4.5 super wide angle lenses have been added to NFL Films’ equipment roster this fall. NFL Films plans to round out the remainder of their cameras with Fujinon glass as well.

The high speed film cameras used by NFL Films help create the slow motion highlights that are a classic element of the company’s productions. Putting Fujinon HD lenses on high-speed film cameras allows NFL Films to improve image quality while maintaining its signature style, according to Hank McElwee, NFL Films’ director of photography.

“All of our existing Fujinon lenses were used during the last Super Bowl. They performed tremendously in all the rain we had that day. They perform equally as well in, for example, Green Bay where we often have to deal with frigid conditions. The workmanship of these lenses is outstanding, and I know I’m getting a lot for the money,” McElwee said.
The company plans to shoot entirely in HD within the next few years.