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NextGen TV Comes to Little Rock

Little Rock
(Image credit: Dreamstime)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Five leading local television stations in Little Rock, Arkansas have begun broadcasting ATSC 3.0 signals. 

The five stations are KATV (the Sinclair owned ABC affiliate), KTHV (the Tegna owned CBS affiliate), KARK-TV (the Nexstar owned NBC affiliate), KLRT-TV (the Mission Broadcasting owned Fox affiliate), and KARZ-TV (the Nexstar owned MyNet affiliate). 

The broadcasters noted that NextGen TV services are already on the air in more than 25 cities across the country, with Baltimore launching just last week. 

Services will vary by device and the broadcaster, but NextGen TV is designed to upgradable to such services as:

• Stunning 4K, High Dynamic Range video

• Movie theater quality sound

• Added voice clarity with Voice +

• Consistent volume across channels

• Enhanced Internet content on demand

• Advanced Emergency Alerting functions to keep viewers better informed

Because the broadcast signals are IP based and use the same fundamental technology as the Internet and other web services, the stations will also be able to deploy a variety of interactive and digital applications that can be used to enhance the viewing experience, for datacasting, remote learning and many other uses. 

BitPath, which is developing new data broadcasting services, led the planning process and coordinated efforts across the five television stations for the Little Rock launch. KATV, KARK-TV, and KARZ-TV will be charter members of the BitPath data broadcast network, launching later this year.

Little Rock viewers can learn more about NextGen TV by visiting, which offers a guide listing cities currently carrying the service as well as links to available NextGen TV set models.

Click here for a map and list of where NextGen TV is now deployed.