Nexstar’s Loss Widens on Record Revenues

IRVING, TEXAS: Revenues for Nexstar’s 62 television stations rose significantly in the second quarter, but net loss rose on higher operating expenses. Net revenues for the second quarter were a record $74.5 million, up 20 percent from last year. Net loss was $9.4 million, or 33 cents a share, versus $1.2 million or 4 cents a share.

Total operating expenses were $60.6 million versus $53.1 million, when Nexstar logged a $4.5 million gain on asset exchange and disposal. Free cash flow was $10.9 million versus nearly $5 million last year.

Local gross revenues were up 8 percent to $43.3. million. National was up 33 percent to $16.1 million. The two combined yielded a rise in core revenues of 14 percent. Political pulled in $6.8 million versus $826,000 last year. Retransmission was $7.3 million versus $6.4 million. Management revenues were flat at $500,000, and network compensation fell 5 percent to $505,000.

“The advertising recovery shows no signs of abating and the second half of 2010 presents Nexstar with prospects for continued growth from all of our revenue sources, including significant political advertising revenue contributions,” Nexstar chief Perry Sook said. “The expected revenue increases combined with operating and cost efficiencies and limited 2010 cap-ex commitments position Nexstar to generate record free cash flow in 2010 which will be applied to further reduce debt and focus on new value creation initiatives.”

Nexstar finished the quarter with $7.8 million in cash and $654.5 million in total debt. As of Dec. 31, 2009, Nexstar had $12.8 million in cash and owed $670.4 million. Shares of Nexstar (NASDAQ: NXST) remained mostly flat today at $5.55. They’re up 37 percent year-to-date.
-- Deborah D. McAdams

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