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NewTek ships TriCaster 850 EXTREME

NewTek is now shipping its TriCaster 850 EXTREME, a full quarter earlier than announced at NAB.

With TriCaster, anyone can simultaneously produce, live stream, broadcast, project and record HD and SD network-style productions. A single operator or small team can switch between multiple cameras, virtual inputs and live virtual sets, while inserting clips, titles and motion graphics with multichannel effects.

TriCaster is used by broadcasters, sports organizations, schools, houses of worship, webcasters, government agencies and others to provide a new level of extended programming and content to their audiences.

Numerous workflow enhancements have been added to TriCaster 850 EXTREME since the system was introduced at NAB, including new recording formats, system browse capability, support for multiple bit rate streaming profiles and audio crossfade improvement.

Benefits include proprietary NewTek IsoCorder technology. This multitrack recording technology allows users to record up to eight channels of video, simultaneously from any input or output, with multiformat recording support (including QuickTime and H.264) and adjustable audio headroom.

It also includes Apple AirPlay support, which adds video and audio from any Apple AirPlay source — such as iPad, iPod or iPhone — into live productions. TriCaster supports two simultaneous AirPlay audio/video streams. It’s wireless and instantly compatible with any AirPlay-enabled app or device.

The device delivers transitions embedded with full-color, motion video effects and audio from a total of 11 animation stores. The included Animation Store Creator is a transition editor that allows users to author custom animation store transitions, using their own preferred graphics software tools to prepare the animation sequences.

Users can configure, store and import favorite streaming setups as presets, with support for multiple bit rate streaming profiles. The integrated Web browser can be used to access online CDN accounts to manage, test or view shows, even during live production.

Every audio input and output includes an integrated seven-band equalizer and compressor/limiter to deliver the best possible sound, with enhanced audio crossfade. Performance enhancements include adjustable audio level settings for each clip, improved file format compatibility and function for many common file types, and more.