News-Press & Gazette Expands Use of ChyronHego BlueNet

MELVILLE, N.Y.—News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG) will extend its ChyronHego BlueNet graphics creation and playout workflow across nine of its news-producing stations, according to ChyronHego. NPG will refit seven stations with ChyronHego’s asset management, graphics creation and playout technology, in addition to undergoing system and software upgrades at two of its existing ChyronHego-powered stations.

“Efficiency, quality, support and cost were key factors when considering the right workflow solution for NPG,” said Jim DeChant, director of technical operations at News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting. “As an existing ChyronHego customer, we are already familiar with the reliability of the company’s support and technology. The new systems integrate into our MOS environment, allowing for the quick creation and delivery of great-looking graphics to air.”

NPG’s Lyric PRO-powered BlueNet workflow includes ChyronIP, a character generator specifically designed for the NewTek TriCaster; Mosaic, ChyronHego’s flagship graphics creation and playout system; Graffiti, a portable backpack-ready character generator; CAMIO, a flexible asset management server; and ISQ, ChyronHego’s centralized play out control device.

News-Press & Gazette Company is a St. Joseph, Mo.-based family-owned station group with 15 TV stations, mainly in the west and southwest.