NewsOverWireless delivers local news via iPhone mobile TV

NewsOverWireless and Raleigh, NC, TV station WRAL, both properties operated by CBC New Media Group, have teamed to send local WRAL content, including news, video, weather forecasts, traffic images and more, via a new iPhone application.

"The iPhone is one of the most popular handsets on the market, and its approach to mobile content and interactivity is the wave of the future," said Sam Matheny, NOW general manager. "WRAL's application allows the station to reach a growing number of iPhone users seeking a quick and easy way to browse local news with the touch of a finger."

In 2004, the company launched the first local TV Java application for mobile phones, and in 2006, it deployed the first mobile video channel devoted to a network of local TV stations, My Local TV. This is NOW’s first iPhone application to include national and local advertising. NOW’s ad router and network of ad partners supports national advertising; meanwhile, the TV station sells to local advertisers, directing two new revenue streams into the station.

Within days of its launch, the iPhone application was downloaded thousands of times from the App Store, expressing users’ appetite for access to mobile, local news.

The iPhone app can be downloaded from the App Store by visiting or searching for "WRAL”.

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