New Persona CG Unveiled by Compix

Compix Media Inc. unveiled Compix Persona, its latest character generator, at a show press conference.

Persona has six imaging channels offering "the functionality of six character generators in one unit," said Compix President Veronica Kim. With Compix Persona, users can create up to six independent channels of motion-filled graphics and composite them virtually, using only one physical output, she said.

In addition, VirtualOverlay technology provides unlimited object layers such as 3D, images and clips per overlay channel, Kim said. The unit can also produce logos and channel IDs. That branding capability is used quite often, and being able to have it as a VirtualOverlay "can save a user thousands of dollars," she said.

Compix has scores of government clients, including NASA, the U.S. Army and Air Force. Per the requests of clients, the unit is easy to use.

"It's very easy to get started. We provide lots of templates, so users don't necessarily have to be a professional graphics designer to create the graphic," said Kim, who added that Compix Persona is "the next generation of our company." © 2011 NAB