New mobile HD truck uses Zandar multiviewers

Zandar Technologies has installed more than two dozen of its HD MultiViewers on board a new HD truck for Switzerland’s TV production company, tpc. The truck was designed and built by Sony Professional Services.

Fully HDTV and SDI-capable, the new tpc vehicle will hit the road this winter with Zandar Predator HD MultiViewers to drive a large production monitor wall.

Seventeen Predator HD4 MultiViewers feed a bank of Sony LCD displays. The combination of multi-format LCD panels and auto-sensing SDI and HDTV MultiViewer technology not only reduces weight and equipment size to less than half of a traditional CRT monitoring wall equivalent but also provides much greater flexibility as the truck can be reconfigured at the touch of a button to meet different production requirements at each event.

The MultiViewer systems are integrated with a BFE control system that can change the set up in the truck according to the needs of the production crews at each location. The BFE system can control 16 Zandar Predator HD4 units simultaneously, dynamically switching between quad-split and full screen modes as well as changing the UMD overlay and tally information for up to 64 sources.

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