New image converter from Miranda

At NAB2006, Miranda Technologies introduced the new Imaging XVP-811i up-, down-, cross- converter, which features automatic, frame-accurate aspect ratio conversion using embedded signals based on the Active Format Description (AFD) standard.

AFD aspect ratio data can be embedded in a signal using Miranda interfaces, and can be maintained throughout conversion processes to ensure optimal viewing, in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, without undesirable “postage stamp” ARC effects.

The XVP-811i accepts HD or SD at its input and provides continuous and simultaneous HD and SD outputs. The interface automatically detects the input format and performs the up-, down- and cross-conversion required to maintain a consistent output format on the HD and SD outputs.

Miranda's XVP-811i also offers 5.1-to-2.0 downmixing for audio monitoring of multichannel audio, along with Dolby E metadata insertion for distribution of audio information across a plant, including dialogue level and dynamic range control information. Additional key features include frame synchronization, video proc amp, and 16-channel audio processing with mux/demux.

The XVP-811i processor can be combined with the DAP-781i sister module to provide audio processing of separate AES audio. A Dolby E signal also can be decoded as discrete PCM audio channels and embedded into the HD or SD signals.

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