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New IDX CW-7 wireless HD system taps AMIMON second-generation chipset

HD wireless systems and power systems manufacturer IDX has unveiled its new CW-7 uncompressed wireless HD video transmission system for the broadcast industry powered by AMIMON's second-generation chipset.

In outdoor production or in studio, the CW-7 wirelessly transmits HD signals from a professional camera to a monitor. Producers and crews can view exactly what the camera is shooting in real time without messy cable runs. With AMIMON's second-generation chipset, the CW-7 now offers even longer transmission range, and can now also enable use outdoors with Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) frequency band select switch.

The AMIMON chipset is able to support any HD-SDI video resolution with zero latency. The cable-less system delivers superior quality for demanding internal and external studio production environments.