New HD ‘glue’ product supports variety of functions

Wandering around the exhibit floor of IBC2011, there was a lot to see when it comes to the continued evolution of HD production, post and broadcast technology.

While it’s impossible to take in everything at a trade show of this size, one of the new products that caught my eye was the Matrox MC-100, a mini converter that offers a wide variety of functions — in fact, no less than five functions.

What made this product of interest was the fact that it seemed to buck a popular approach to product development, namely stripping out all extraneous features to hold the price of the product down. Here was an HD product that fulfilled multiple roles.

I circled back to the Matrox stand after initially seeing the MC-100 to learn why the company took this approach and how it could do so and maintain a competitive price.

In this podcast interview, Matrox senior director of sales and marketing Alberto Cieri discusses the mini converter and the thinking behind it.