New AT&T Video Capture Solution Enables Live Remote Streaming of Mobile Video

DALLAS: AT&T said it’s enabling business customers to stream live or recorded video from their smartphones via the AT&T Cloud for access by remote staff through the new AT&T Video Capture solution. AT&T say it’s targeting “large and small businesses alike,” and suggests the service can be used to quickly post live video from the field.

For example, it says, “Media broadcasters can be the first to bring live breaking news images to their audiences in a world of ever-increasing demand for real-time information.”

With the push of a button, AT&T Video Capture enables live, secure streaming from smartphones straight to PCs or to broadcast centers with “very low latency,” AT&T said. Mobile users can speak with the receiving party while broadcasting or get live text feedback. In addition, video is stored on the AT&T Cloud and can also be backed up and replayed at the office.

Available on “leading smartphone platforms,” the feature has a web-based multi-video monitoring interface where authorized viewers can watch live videos in real-time from their desks or review archived feeds on-demand, and communicate with users in the field through live text feedback or voice calls. It offers optional low-latency video decoding software that extends the service for live on-air broadcasting.

Besides streaming live video and audio, customers benefit from the security built into the AT&T Cloud-hosting platform, where a copy of the video is recorded and stored. Video Capture works on various AT&T wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, and is backed up by local recording capability so that users are ready to capture video any time.