New Association To Promote 8K Ecosystem, Adoption

LAS VEGAS—Four major consumer electronics companies this week at the 2019 International CES announced the formation of the 8K Association (8KA) with a variety of stated goals, including the promotion of 8K televisions and content.

The founding members include Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics and TCL Electronics. Samsung Display is in the process of joining the association.

The companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding to advance their common vision, the association said.

“The 8K Association will not only provide an effective introduction to 8K technology but will also accelerate the beginning of the 8K era,” said Hyogun Lee, executive vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “By leading the early stages of ecosystem development, Samsung will further solidify its global leadership in the 8K market.”

Besides promoting 8K TV and content, the association will: educate consumers and professionals about the 8K ecosystem; work to secure 8K content for members; encourage OTT and other content distributors to develop 8K offerings; facilitate communications towards promoting commercialization of 8K; develop initial technical requirements for 8K input signals; and develop 8K categories and minimum image quality specifications, 8KA said.

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The early focus of the association will be to support early commercialization and adoption of 8K TVs.

Japanese state broadcaster NHK has actively pursued 8K technology development, production and distribution with the goal of delivering the 2020 Olympics in the 8K resolution. 

Michiko Ogawa, Executive Officer of Panasonic noted the December 2018 launch of 8K satellite broadcasting in Japan, adding that “Panasonic strongly expect[s] this association will lead the 8K ecosystem creating both business opportunities and consumer benefits.”

More information is available on the 8K association website.

Phil Kurz is a contributing editor to TV Tech. He has written about TV and video technology for more than 30 years and served as editor of three leading industry magazines. He earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.