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New Amazon Live Connector Chime SDK Feature Offers Developers Easier Access To Multi-Party Video

(Image credit: Amazon)

SEATTLE—Amazon has begun making a new feature of its Chime SDK widely available that makes it easier for developers to create and send a video stream from a multi-party video session to streaming platforms for distribution worldwide.

The feature, called live connector, enables developers to format video layouts, choose among video streams and connect multiple streams together into a single stream. It also them to make fast, easy work of adding livestreaming to mobile and web apps. The live connector feature also leverages machine learning (ML) to enhance audio and video quality, the company said in a blog post on its website.

Among the applications envisioned are broadcasting virtual events, webinars, educational classes, fitness instruction and product demonstrations, the blog said. 

FanView, which offers a fan-curated interactive video sharing and streaming platform connecting athletes and fans has chosen Amazon Chime SDK to power its efforts. MICE Platform as also implemented live connector to bring multiple remote speakers together seamlessly, it said.

To read the blog, “Chime SDK Now Makes it Easier and Faster to Add Live Streaming for Mobile and Web Apps,” by Sid Rao, general manager of Amazon Chime SDK, is available online (opens in new tab).

More information about Amazon Chime SDK is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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