New 24-Hour Weather Station Recruits Veteran Meteorologists

ATLANTA—Network Weather will launch October 2014, appearing nationally via cable television and broadband Internet providers.

Network Weather's segments will be designed for what viewers want: live, weather-centered programming.

The Network Weather has recruited meteorologist Dave Schwartz, who has already logged a quarter century at The Weather Channel.

“Weather is such a rich topic that, even on a so-called ‘slow weather day,’ we’ll show you how exciting and compelling it can be,” said Schwartz.

Also joining the new 24-hour weather station is meteorologist Mark Mathis, who has over 20 years of on-air experience with several television networks.

“I try to have fun with the weather when the actual weather warrants it, and people seem to have responded positively,” said Mathis.

Network Weather will offer current weather segments, forecasts and features to its viewers in a format that aims to be engaging, informative and entertaining.