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Nevion Debuts Transport Case for Fiber Modules

Nevion has announced FlashCase, a portable housing for up to five standard Flashlink fiber transport or signal processing modules.

FlashCase connects camera sites to production trucks or other facilities through a optical fiber connection. Use of optical fiber rather than triax cable increases distance capabilities and eliminates ground current loops while allowing for multiple signals in the same cable, simplifying cabling infrastructure and reducing setup time.

FlashCase was designed for portability, resistance to the elements and versatility, with five Flashlink ports, flexible back plane and fiber options, and full monitoring and control capabilities. This modular unit features low power consumption with no fans to clean or replace and has the smallest PCB footprint in the industry. Fully loaded, it weighs less than 11 pounds (about 5kg).

FlashCase accommodates any Flashlink module, enabling embedding, signal processing, format conversion, synchronization, WDM/CWDM/ DWDM optical multiplexing and TDM electrical multiplexing. Any audio, video, data or fiber connector can be used through optional customized backplanes for even greater customer flexibility.

FlashCase also enables optical multiplexing of several broadcast signals including bidirectional HD-SDI video with audio embedding, intercom and remote camera control through standard RS communication, and GPI for use with multiple fibers or on a single fiber using CWDM optical multiplexing.