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Neumann unveils new broadcast microphone

Neumann, long a supplier of classic microphones to high-end recording studios, has launched a new broadcast line of microphones with the BCM 104 — a lower-priced model tailored to meet the demands of professional announcing.

In the K 104 large-diaphragm condenser capsule both switches are internally mounted within the microphone housing.

The K 104 large-diaphragm condenser capsule used in the BCM 104 has a cardioid directional pattern with switchable proximity effect compensation, introducing a high-pass filter that reduces frequencies below 100Hz by 12dB/octave. A second, pre-attenuation switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14dB to optimize performance for circuits designed for dynamic microphones. Both switches are internally mounted within the microphone housing.

The capsule offers a flat frequency response up to 3kHz, while higher frequencies have a maximum increased presence of 2dB. The BCM 104 amplifier has a linear operation down to 20Hz. The microphone features excellent transient response without any coloration.

The BCM 104 microphone head grille twists off easily for quick cleaning, revealing another feature of this microphone. Directly in front of the capsule, mounted on a frame holder, is a piece of fine gauze that serves as a built-in pop screen. Neumann will be offering optional, color-coded head grilles so that, for reasons of hygiene, each announcer may use his or her individual head grille. The pop screen can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools.

The BCM 104 is additionally fitted with an elastic mount against structure-borne noise that is compatible with standard broadcast-segment microphone arms.

“With the introduction of the new broadcast line, Neumann has extended the variety and applications of its microphone solutions,” said Jeff Alexander, director at Neumann. “The mix of solid engineering, unique features and functional design in the broadcast line is sure to be very well received in the world of public and commercial radio broadcasting in North America.”

Neumann is located in NAB booth #N2812. Or visit

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