Net Insight, ATCi Partner to Offer Satellite Communications

Net Insight, which develops scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, has partnered with ATCi to enhance quality transportation of services via satellite and fibre-linked components across America. The partnership will allow both companies to provide ground-based satellite communication systems and broadcast services, as well as deliver quality of transport (QoT) solutions.

ATCi, which offers its customers an array of end-to-end communications solutions, will see a strengthened focus in the United States, with particular emphasis on Quality of Service (QoS) across all industries.

“The partnership is allowing us to penetrate new areas in the U.S. market and provide leading solutions to mutual customers,” says Fredrik Trägårdh, CEO of Net Insight. “It will give us the impetus to continue delivering cost-effective technology and build towards becoming a challenger in the US market.”

“ATCi has been providing worldwide satellite solutions for over twenty years. From day one, we’ve known that our customers want highly dependable products that will improve their bottom line,” says Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCi. “We’ve chosen to partner with Net Insight because they do just that. Together we’re able to offer TV distribution and satellite fiber-linked solutions that are reliable and competitively priced.”