NEP Unveils 3D Super Shooter

PITTSBURGH: Mobile TV production specialist NEP is rolling out its first 3D truck, the company said. Its new Supershooter 3D was created by NEP Broadcasting and Pace, which contributed the Fusion 3D system developed by Vincent Pace and Director James Cameron and used on “U23D,” “Avatar,” the NBA All Star Finals, and “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.”

“Like HD years ago, the demand for 3D production is growing industrywide. Everyone is looking for a way to bring the television audience closer, to make them feel like they are part of a live event,” said NEP Broadcasting CEO Debbie Honkus.

SS 3D features a 3D production viewing area, a convergence station, and 3D-capable tape, video and engineering rooms. The truck is wired for eight 3D cameras, two six-channel EVS XT-2 servers, 10 tape machines and an SSL Aysis Air Plus digital audio console.

NEP Broadcasting senior project engineer, Joseph Signorino, said that up to now, 3D technology has been integrated by bits and pieces into 2D trucks.

“While not insurmountable, it does end up requiring extra time and effort, making the overall process difficult and disruptive,” he said, adding that SSD cuts down on the time necessary to prep a 2D truck for 3D.

SS 3D will be christened this weekend at the Ohio State versus University of Southern California college football game for ESPN, and is scheduled to cover several events ranging from concerts to sports.

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