NEP Opens Doors to New Data Center in the Netherlands

HILVERSUM, the Netherlands—Construction has been completed on a brand new data center for NEP, located at Media Park in the Netherlands. This new space, which is 700-m2 large, is fitted with standard IT and storage equipment and is capable of fitting broadcast systems holding more than 300 19-inch racks.

NEP uses its data centers as centralized locations for their services, which include production, post-production, augmented reality, OTT content distribution and playout. With this new data center, NEP kept construction under its own management, making sure that it is geared to its own specific requirements and bringing broadcast and IP technology into one space.

Construction on the new data center began a year ago, per NEP, following the securing of a few projects in the Netherlands and Europe.

One of the unique designs of the new data center is its goal to prevent blackouts. This was solved by having connections with the 10-kV high-voltage network in the Netherlands as well as NEP’s own redundant emergency power supply and cooling systems. “Nowhere in the chain do we rely on single-design equipment,” said Johan Bakker, NEP the Netherlands infrastructure manager. “We’re building a data center that can’t be broken, really.”