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Neon Broadcast HD OB vehicle relies on Kahuna to save space

A Snell & Wilcox SD/HD Kahuna production switcher will be installed in the U.K. in the newest mobile truck in Neon Broadcast Services' fleet.

Chosen for its simultaneous SD and HD support and compact, highly integrated design, Kahuna gives Neon's compact new truck the capabilities of larger vehicles in a unit specifically designed to serve smaller, urban venues in locations where super-sized OB units won't fit.

Kahuna offers simultaneous SD and HD operations in the same mainframe with the same control panel. Enabled by Snell & Wilcox's Format Fusion technology, Kahuna allows SD sources to be integrated seamlessly into HD products and vice versa, without the need for upconversion. Not only does this capability make Kahuna a versatile production switcher, but it also eliminates the need for additional upconverters and other peripheral equipment, saving space, weight, power, and money.

Neon Broadcast's new truck measures 36ft in length. Within this space, Neon has installed the Kahuna multi-format switcher along with 12 cameras, four VTRs (additional VTRs are housed in its operations tender), and high-resolution TFT monitors. The truck's comprehensive audio capability, ideal for professional concert recordings made at London clubs, includes two audio desks that allow sound engineers to mix down and multi-track record up to 48 tracks.

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