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Neg Earth Uses Riedel Intercoms in Live Entertainment

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY—London's Neg Earth has incorporated Riedel intercom gear into its rental and service stock to ensure clear, flexible communications in live environments.

“This is the first comms system I have ever used that has no buzz and no hum, and it also has the clearest vocal audio quality I have ever experienced,” said Oli Metcalfe, lighting director for the Muse 2013 world tour. “The live-events sector needs reliable and, more important, clean communications in loud and challenging 'gig' scenarios. For me, Riedel will be the only choice from now on."

Neg Earth provides lighting for artists including Muse, Iron Maiden, George Michael, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters and Leonard Cohen, as well as “Cirque du Soleil,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and “We Will Rock You.” Neg Earth also handles lighting for festivals, sporting events, and corporate conferences.

Riedel’s Performer digital partyline intercom system features two CR-4 four-channel master stations, which can support up to 32 devices including beltpacks, split boxes, and call light indicators, with the integrated power supply. The stations’ clear user interface offers users performance and flexibility, and color-illuminated buttons enhance their utility in live environments. A remote mic-kill function allows the user to silence any open microphone on the intercom channels.

The ergonomically shaped Performer C3 digital two-channel beltpack offers the standard features of conventional analog partyline systems, and also provides high-quality digital audio, DSP signal processing to assure perfect side tone-nulling, excellent intelligibility in applications with very high ambient noise levels and support of daisy-chaining. The Neg Earth lighting specialists use a combination of 30-centimeter electret microphones and Riedel’s MAX headset for intelligibility in high-noise environments and have recently added 16 C-2 beltpacks and MAX headsets to their inventory, all of which are currently being used on the Leonard Cohen tour.