NCP Taps Utah Scientific for Routers

New Century Productions is purchasing a Utah Scientific UTAH-400 router system to outfit the company's latest HD remote truck. With this installation, New Century will have six trucks equipped with Utah Scientific routers.

"We have used Utah Scientific equipment since we built our first truck, in 1989, and their products have proven to be incredibly reliable," said Mike Mundt, vice president of engineering at NCP. "Having equipment that you don't have to worry about is incredibly important when you are on the road all the time, and Utah routers have come through year after year. Even on the occasion when we do need some support, the Utah customer service team has proven to be second to none."

The truck, designated NCP-VIII, is scheduled to be ready for service in August 2006 and will become the fourth remote broadcast vehicle in New Century's fleet to be equipped for high definition origination. The UTAH-400 router selected for this application is being supplied on three frames. The HD frame is sized at 128x128. There is a second video frame set up for 256 SD digital inputs and 96 SD outputs, along with 288 NTSC outputs. Audio is handled by a 288x288 frame set up for 208x192 AES/EBU and 48x64 analog. System control is treated as a single entity with the Utah Scientific SC-4 control system.