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NBC streamlines its graphics operations with Pinnacle Systems

The NBC TVSD Group of television stations has purchased 30 FXDEko II character generator systems to streamline the workflow involved in delivering graphics, animation and text to its 15 owned and operated stations. NBC-TVSD joins NBC Network and CNBC in its selection of FXDeko II as the graphics system of choice for their broadcast operation.

The deployment of thirty Pinnacle FXDeko II systems required the integration of the Deko systems with NBC's Proximity asset management system. Together these systems provide NBC with a complete graphics asset management, browsing, production and delivery solution.

FXDeko II enables users to independently move text, graphics, and textures through 3D space in real-time.

To achieve this, Pinnacle developed a visual environment within Avid's iNEWS newsroom computer system. This tool uses templates to bring together graphics, full screen images, text and moving video. Then using an interface based on MOS (media object server) protocol these graphics are inserted directly into the rundown. FX Deko II systems then deliver the NBC look through an intuitive Playback Controller as part of the DekoMOS interface. The result is a consistent and repeatable on air look that includes dynamic text, logo animations and motions. This enhanced capability is now available to all FXDeko II customers as part of the DekoMOS option version 2.0. DekoMOS is integrated with both Avid iNEWS and Associated Press' ENPS systems.

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