NBC Editing Olympics with Avid

NBC is using editing systems from Avid Technology to enhance its coverage of the 2004 Olympics.

At the venues, NBC is using nine Avid Media Composer Adrenaline seats connected to three Avid Unity LANshare systems and four Avid Xpress Pro systems for editing on-the-go as well as an iNEWS system for scripts, prompter and news wires.

The edit suites are routed via Gigabit Ethernet to the International Broadcast Center (IBC's) Graphics Center, which incorporates Avid Unity MediaNetwork system that can handle eight TB of storage.

"The Graphics Center's Avid Unity system ingests all the venue meltdown reels then catalogs and titles them in a way that allows other Avid systems in the IBC to access them. This means anyone at an Avid workstation from inside the IBC can access footage from any of the 625 games being played in Athens," said Philip Paully, director of graphics engineering and operations at NBC Olympics.