NATE Announces 2021 Recipient of Ernie Jones Engineering Scholarship

Alex Dodson
(Image credit: NATE)

EVANSVILLE, Ind.—The 2021 recipient of the Ernie Jones Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship has been revealed by NATE and the Tower Family Foundation, with University of Evansville junior civil engineering student Alex Dodson this year's selection.

The Ernie Jones Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship awards a $2,500 NATE-funded scholarship annually to a junior of senior level civil engineering student at the University of Evansville’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Dodson is among the top of her class academically and excels in her major courses related to construction and UE’s structural analysis and steel design sequences, per NATE’s announcement. After graduation, Dodson hopes to work in the construction industry for a Indiana-based firm.

“Alex is a dedicated student who demonstrates a work ethic on projects that is unmatched by her peers. In my memory, she has never missed a deadline for projects or homework,” said Dr. Jim Allen, associate professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Evansville. “Alex is always one of the first to seek additional project information (RFI) weeks in advance, whether it is in a group or individual setting. Her design and analysis techniques are thorough and complete, giving great attention to details in safety and constructability. The UE faculty thinks this diligence and continuous pursuit for safer and 'more-buildable' structures in her designs embodies the spirit of Ernie Jones as the recipient of his named memorial scholarship.”

Ernie Jones was a structural engineer that worked in the broadcast tower industry for 30 years. He died in 2015 in a tower accident.

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