Nagra provides Mediaset with security solution for OTT VOD

Nagra has announced Italian pay-TV provider Mediaset is the latest European operator to use Nagra technology to securely deliver over-the-top video-on-demand services to its subscribers.

At the core of the solution is Nagra Media Persistent Rights Management (PRM), which provides operators like Mediaset with the foundation for delivering multiscreen services and multiple formats of video-on-demand.

Offering studio-approved protection for Internet-based content, Nagra Media PRM enables early window video-on-demand services thanks to a Nagra-certified (NOCS) hardware “root of trust.”

Nagra and SmarDTV, both Kudelski Group companies, are working on bringing studio–grade security to connected TVs through removable security modules, also referred to as conditional access modules (CAMs). Based on the CI+ standard, these hybrid CAMs are expected to offer access to on-demand video content and be compatible with existing TV sets.