NAB recognizes international broadcasters

Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), NDTV India and Canada's 106.1 FM received this year's NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Awards April 14 at NAB2008.

The awards recognize NAB international broadcast members that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and uniqueness in successfully serving their audience through broadcast innovation or community service.

Since 1994, TBS has worked to draw local and national attention to global warming. Its comprehensive recycling center allowed TBS to recycle 75 percent of the company's waste in 2006, setting an example for businesses throughout the community. TBS also used the TBS Radio airwaves to promote its Lighting Down campaign, encouraging listeners to switch off their lights for two hours during the summer solstice. Lighting Down generated so much interest within the community that TBS is currently working on expanding the project to other countries.

With innovative engineering, NDTV developed a system that allows broadcasters to deliver high-quality graphics at a lower cost and with less effort than other graphic delivery systems. As an operator of five national TV channels, NDTV has a constant need for new graphic delivery systems. NDTV wrote its own software to deliver real-time graphics. Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, NDTV engineers developed their own software to store, organize, maintain and deliver graphics. The software saved NDTV more than $300,000.

Five years ago, CKLM 106.1 FM The Goat became the first privately held broadcaster in Canada to be awarded with the NAB's International Broadcasting Excellence Award. Since then, the station has continued to maintain strong bonds with the community through participation in local projects and charities.

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