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NAB: AMV S3D Truck demos Kaleido Viewers

Epic, the name of All Mobile Video's new stereoscopic 3D production truck, is on-scene here at the NAB and comes equipped with eight Kaleido-X16 and a pair of Kaleido-X multi-viewers being dedicated to S3D monitoring. The viewers are made by Miranda Technologies.

AMV said the production truck is among the first to have the ability to monitor both 3D and 2D video on the same screen. That would give the mobile facility the flexibility to provide stereoscopic 3DTV services on location one day, and switch over for 2D production the next day without a major overhaul.

Still a work-in-progress, Epic is slated to become fully operational by summer. The facility is 53 feet long and expands along 47 feet (of its curbside) and 33 feet (of its roadside). AMV said Epic is equipped with 18 cameras — a dozen of which are fitted with 3ality T-block on 3ality 3D camera mirror rigs to capture 3D content stereoscopically.

Miranda's Kaleido multi-viewers display S3D sources originating on two wires at 1.5Gbps (Dual Link), on a single wire at 3Gbps (Level B), or on frame-compatible formats — which place left and right images side by side, or top and bottom, in a single HD raster. S3D sources can be combined on the same display with both HD and SD sources.

Epic is located at the NAB Sony Booth (C11001).