NAB 2015: Major U.S. Broadcaster Selects Pebble Beach Systems Marina Automation

LAS VEGAS—Pebble Broadcast Systems announced that it has secured a contract to supply a “substantial automation system to one of the largest over-the-air television station groups in the U.S., replacing its legacy Sundance automation system.” The Marina automation solution will be able to control up to 22 channels and is to be supplied via systems integration and technology provider DigitalGlue for an on-air date of June 2015.

With Marina, each operator is said to be able to control a high density of channels, and configurable desktop layouts via user rights logins. The system is designed to deliver flawless control of a wide variety of channel types in any combination, whether live and unpredictable content, regional opt-outs, simulcast, or simple clip-based channels. Continuous media validation, context-based playout rules, high-resolution media viewing, and the ‘Summary Cell’ status view, all combine to safeguard playout and simplify the operator’s role.

This installation will interface to the existing Grass Valley K2 server, in addition to Isilon storage, a Front Porch archive and the Myers ProTrack traffic system. In addition to driving the existing hardware, Marina will also be automating two new channels which are to be hosted on Harmonic Spectrum ChannelPort integrated channel devices.