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NAB 2014 Automation & Asset Management

Grass Valley Ignite Konnect and Kayenne

LAS VEGAS—What’s the difference between rows of gaming machines in Las Vegas casinos and today’s broadcast facility? Both rely on computers, software and administrative settings to entertain customers, generate revenue and comply with the law. The difference is that broadcast stations don’t gamble. This year’s NAB Show promises sure bets on new automation and asset management products, more powerful, reliable and affordable than ever before.

CINEGY will debut Cinegy Air 10, the latest generation of its playout solution. Now upgraded to a 64-bit engine, Cinegy Air adds 4K support to existing HD/SD formats along with dramatic audio enhancements including certified Dolby Digital encoding and decoding with integrated Nielsen watermarking.

DIGITAL BROADCAST (DBI) will show 4K, as well as HD, SD, mobile and web delivery with its MediaFire automated master control systems. DBI Archive Sharing will also be demonstrated.

FLORICAL SYSTEMS will roll out an automated “tag & bag” product that utilizes its capabilities with its Acuitas channel-in-a- box. The company will also provide a sneak peak at an upcoming simple broadband player.

Snell ICE LE GRASS VALLEY will showcase its GV STRATUS, now with remote connections for editing, news production and distribution capabilities for targeted content, which includes two-way integration with the Ignite Konnect Automated Production System for both on-air broadcasters and social media interaction.

HARRIS BROADCAST will reveal several new integrated, end-to-end solutions, including an “All-in-one TV Everywhere” platform that makes multiscreen stable, efficient and profitable, and “What’s-next” demos of new media models enabled by IP and software-defined networks.

Aveco Redwood

NVERZION will unveil its next-generation automation and media asset management workflow platform, which the company promises will significantly enhance the ability to redefine how and where broadcasters design their operations and deliver content.

PEBBLE BEACH SYSTEMS will introduce Marina Lite, an entry level version of its Marina automation system. The company will also launch “Lighthouse,” a new monitor- by-exception tool designed to alert operators clearly and unambiguously to upcoming problems.

PLAYBOX TECHNOLOGY will introduce ProductionAirBox, which complements its NewsRoomBox production system by allowing practically instant switchover from one clip to another. Many file formats and resolutions can be imported, and it’s controllable via VDCP and MOS protocols.

RUSHWORKS will demonstrate several new enhancements to its A-LIST broadcast automation system.

SNELL will showcase v4.0 of its ICE channel- in-a-box platform and introduce ICELE, a new 1RU version of ICE.

THOMSON VIDEO NETWORKS will demo the ViBE EM4000 Premium HD/SD encoder, a world-class HEVC solution for live and file-based delivery to multiscreen and OTT services. Enhancements to other ViBE and Sapphire products will also be introduced.

EVS XS NewsFlash

VIMOND will unveil Moments, which effectively transforms a linear live stream into a nonlinear video source for efficient clip extraction.

AUTOCUE/QTV will show a new line of portable prompting kits and apps.

AVECO will introduce its Redwood Family, all controlled by ASTRA automation software. Redwood Play is a completely integrated MCR solution. Redwood Studio is the worlds’ first “news-studio-in-a-box,” enabling a single operator to produce a complex newscast.

BITCENTRAL will demonstrate new enhancements to CORE:news that are making huge strides in simplifying broadcast news production workflows.

COMPROMPTER will showcase NewsKing NeXT, which automates the presentation of a show providing a broad assortment of device control. It controls closed captioning, video servers, CGs, still stores, robotic cameras and auto-builds the automation rundown from the producer’s rundown in less than 30 seconds.

EVS will debut its XS NewsFlash end-to-end newsroom solution based on EVS’ XS production server for ingest and playthat provides smaller newsroom environments with full production capabilities.

MOSART is set to show Newscast Automation 3.6, which can control more than 55 different peripheral broadcast devices, very often through native API. Mosart will also introduce Mosart Cue Cards, a tablet-based app.

Mosart Newscast Automation 3.6ROSS VIDEO Inception News, Ross’ unique newsroom computer system, will be shown for the first time in North America. Ross will also show OverDrive Caprica for control of third party production switchers, and DashBoard v6.1, Ross’ free facility control software that controls everything from Ross and openGear and DashBoard Connect partners.

SGL will introduce FlashNet MOS, a move towards MOS that the company says will help safeguard vital media in a newsroom workflow. The company will start with ENPS MOS and implement with other newsroom computer systems in the future. The company will also demonstrate SGL Archive management applications with Avid editing systems.


MYERS INFORMATION SYSTEMS will demonstrate ProTrack v6.07, a significant upgrade to the company’s flagship software suite. Built on a more powerful SQL database management engine, the new radio and TV versions further streamline facility workflows, incorporating numerous functionality and user-experience enhancements.

PROCONSULTANT INFORMATIQUE will launch Louise 5, modular and scalable business management software designed to increase operational productivity several-fold while accompanying the expansion and diversification of publishing strategies. Also new is Cindy 4, PCI’s ad sales solution. Cindy leverages audience data analysis, including social media with new modules such as SocialSeine, in order to offer the most relevant global ad campaign strategies.

PRIMESTREAM will debut FORK v4.6, a software platform for media asset management and production automation featuring powerful new modules and third-party integrations. FORK features Workflow Manager, a new module allowing users to design, control, and automate production processes that span multiple departments and groups within their organizations. A new production module within the FORK Archive Bridge provides integrations between archival solutions and a FORK MAM platform to better track the status of archival requests.

SCHEDUALL will show the advanced enterprise- wide connectivity capabilities of ScheduALL Connector, which allows broadcast and transmission companies to intelligently manage, procure, sell and resell resource inventories most profitably.

WIDEORBIT will introduce WO Traffic, which adds numerous enhancements. Also new is v6.62 of WO Media Sales management software with several new features and WO Analytics, which enables management data analysis, drill-downs and provides reports within many department- specific dashboards.


Amberfin ICR v10AMBERFIN will introduce v10 of its iCR (Intelligent Content Repurposing) software platform. Also to be introduced is a new option for Amberfin’s Unified Quality Control platform for adaptive 2:3 cadence correction.

ARCHION will launch EditStor 3, a new shared media storage system delivering greater scalability and investment protection. EditStor 3 supports up to 16 direct client connections by fiber or copper.

CINEGY will launch its Cinegy Desktop & Archive 10, now with native support for 4K/UHD content, as well as upgraded 64-bit integrated engines for ingest and transcoding.

Dalet GalaxyDALET will showcase Galaxy, an enterprise MAM platform featuring a powerful framework for system integration, specifically designed for program preparation, production and archiving.

FRONT PORCH DIGITAL will roll out LYNXdr, a private-cloud hosted disaster recovery and business continuity service, ensuring file safety and zero downtime.

MASSTECH will show Masstech for News and debut a new Enterprise division with Masstech for Enterprise, a complete media asset management, archiving and transcoding solution for file-based media operations.

SNAPSTREAM will release v6.2 of its TV monitoring and content repurposing solution that enables users to discover, monitor, record, archive, repurpose, and share television content.

SNELL will show new features for Momentum, a media asset management and workflow automation platform designed for TV Everywhere, enabling complex workflows to be managed easily. It forms a key part of Snell’s “Media Factory” software.

TRANSMEDIA DYNAMICS (TMD) will demonstrate new software elements for its Mediaflex platform, which draws on the power of the cloud, providing “software as a service” solutions. The system architecture includes seamless integration to Amazon S2, and other cloud services.