Multidyne to introduce extensive line of routing switchers, fiber solutions

Multidyne will unveil a broad line of routing switchers that complements and fully integrates with its core fiber optic transport systems, distribution amplifiers, test equipment, character generators, loss detectors and XLR interface panels.

The optical routing switcher will transparently switch all formats of fiber optic transport regardless of format, data rates and transmission direction.

The product line will include matrix sizes starting at 5x1 for small application to 1024x1023 for large-scale applications. Systems are available to support composite video, component video, SDI, HD-SDI, TDM, audio, AES/EBU, RS422 and DVB/ASI.

The company also will introduce the ORS Series of optical routing switchers. The ORS product line will integrate with its core fiber optic transport systems. The optical switchers are available in 32x32, 64x64 and 80x80 matrix sizes. It delivers guaranteed, non-blocking, deterministic switched video connections on fiber optic links.

The ORS supports a wide range of formats from 19.4 Mb/s ATSC through 1.5 Gb/s HDTV, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SMPTE 259M Serial Digital (SDI) Video, broadband analog, L-band, IF, Ethernet, T1, DS3 and many more. It can also switch analog stereo audio, analog video, AES/EBU digital audio, intercom, CCU data and even remote contact closures.

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