multiCAM Helps Serve Up Coverage of French Tennis Grand Slam

(Image credit: multiCAM)

MONTREUIL, France—Covering the French grand slam tennis tournament, which is currently underway, is different from years past not only because of the delayed timing of the event because of COVID-19, but because of the new needs for production in the social-distance era. In covering the action, France Télévisions has been utilizing multiCAM technology to assist with these demands.

At the tournament complex, multiCAM has installed eight multiCAM Spirit remote robotic heads at multiple courts and on a TV set, covering different angles and even serving as a main camera.

France Télévisions is also using the multiCAM Pilot camera manager in the on-location TV set. The Pilot can be operated by a single person to manage three robotic heads simultaneously. The Pilot unit is connected via fiber optics and setup 600 meters from the control room.

France Télévisions and multiCAM have worked together on the French grand slam event coverage for 15 years, multiCAM says.

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