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MPEG-IF Announces NAB Master Class

FREMONT, CALIF. The MPEG Industry Forum will present its MPEG-IF Master Class at the 2010 NAB Show on Wednesday, April 14 from 9 a.m. to noon. The class, entitled “New Dimensions for Digital Television,’ will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center rooms N234/236. The session continues the series presented at previous NAB, IBC and Consumer Electronics Shows.

MPEG-IF notes the rise of video-on-demand, HD and time shifting, and now, TV Everywhere and 3D, and the necessity for honing correlative video compression standards.

“This year at NAB, this task has become more important than ever as new technologies create new opportunities to make or lose money. The 2010 Master Class at NAB is focused around two areas--3DTV and quality of experience, that will bring technologists and leading executives from operators and content owners from around the world to discuss these new opportunities and to share their experience and perspectives.”

Regarding 3DTV, the forum is working on MVC, for “multivew coding,” amendment to its Stereo High Profile standard.

“3D seems to be following in the footsteps of HD and surround sound in transitioning from the big screen to smaller screens at home,” said David Price, vice president of MPEG-IF and of Harmonic. “At the same time as new viewing experiences are becoming possible measurement of both visual and audio quality is becoming increasingly important. The Master Class at NAB is going to thoroughly address both these topics and provide insights from executives at service providers, content owners and leading technologists.”

Speakers and panelists include:
Bob Clyne, vice president of engineering and technology at Cablevision Systems.
Clyde Smith, senior vice president of global broadcast technology and standards for Turner Broadcasting Systems.
Ted Szypulski, senior director of technology research and standards for ESPN and chair of the SMPTE Working Group on 3D Home Master.
Prof. Dr. h. c. Sebastian Moeritz, president of MPEG-IF and CEO of dicas.
David Price, vice president of MPEG-IF and vice president of Harmonic.
Dr. Sean McCarthy, fellow of the technical staff at Motorola and an MPEG-IF board member.
Roderick Snell, president of Snell Group.
Yuval Fisher, chief technology officer of RGB Networks.
Dr. William Cooper, founder and CEO of Informitv.
Juan Reyes, chief technology officer of BluFocus.
Robin Wilson, vice president of business development at Nagravision.
Myra Moore, president of Digital Tech Consulting.

MPEG-IF’s Web site has the full agenda and registration information