MPEG LA Strikes Cooperative Deal

DENVER: MPEG-LA has struck up a cooperative deal with a Tokyo company to license the former’s video compression patents to mobile TV makers in Japan. MPEG-LA will allow ULDAGE, Inc., to offer the systems license to MPEG-2, along with its own patents for handset makers building receivers for Japan’s 1seg mobile broadcasting service.

The MPEG-2 systems standard defines the formatting of various components of multiplexer programs and combines them into a single program or transport stream. In devices requiring the standard where no licensed encoders or decoders are involved--such as mobile receivers--coverage is provided via licensing MPEG LA`s MPEG-2 Systems Patent Portfolio License.

1seg mobile TV handsets use the MPEG-2 transport layer and the ULDAGE standard covering digital broadcasting, the ARIB licenses, so manufacturers need both patent sets for devices. The collaboration streamlines the licensing process.

“This collaboration marks two firsts,” said MPEG LA President and CEO Larry Horn. “It is the first time that two joint licensing administrators have joined forces. It is also the first time that a joint license has been offered covering patents essential to multiple standards utilized in a single product.”

(Image by Namazu-tron)
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