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Motorola Launches HD Adapter that Bypasses the Traditional Cable Box

Motorola Mobility has introduced a new adapter that converts a cable operator’s digital signal to HD without the need for an expensive, traditional set top box.

The Motorola HD-DTA is a small, one-way, sleek set-top that can be mounted out of sight and delivers HD content to additional outlets in the house cost effectively. It includes a 1GHz, all-digital tuner, HDMI and RF outputs and a Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics (RF4CE) remote-control interface. The RF4CE remote enables control of the HD-DTA from anywhere in the room without line of sight to the device. The device was introduced at the Cable Show in Chicago this week.

“Service providers continue to look for options that deliver HD content to their customers while reducing their overall costs,” said Larry Robinson, vice president of Home Devices, Motorola Mobility. “The Motorola HD-DTA is an ideal solution for basic subscriber households.”

The Motorola HD-DTA will be available later in 2011.