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Mobile Television Group Installs Apantac Multiviewers

Denver-based mobile production company Mobile Television Group has installed 29 Tahoma Le-8 HD and 3 Tahoma LE-4 HD multiviewers onboard its truck, the 25 HDX. The truck produces standalone and “dual-feed” shows in both standard definition and high-definition in 720p and 1080i.

The Apantac Tahoma-LE multiviewers provide the production crews with a multi-image display solution to visually monitor incoming signals as well as seamlessly integrate with the production equipment on board. Up to 94 video sources are monitored using the Tahoma-LE multiviewers.

Each multiviewer handles between 4 and 32 SD, HD-SDI or composite inputs. The production crew configures each display using Apantac’s software, helping transition between different events.

The Tahoma-LE series incorporates a built-in CATx extender, which allows the output of the multiviewer to be extended up to 115 feet. Tahoma-LE supports DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs up to 2048x1080 and includes video and audio alarm detection. The Tahoma-LE series also provides users with dynamic UMD and tally capability for a wide variety of routing, master control and production switchers.