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Mobile Content Venture Brands Self ‘Dyle’

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES: Mobile Content Venture today branded itself Dyle, with a new logo and a website where folks can sign up for notification when service becomes available. The MCV is one of three organizations promoting Mobile DTV.

“Dyle mobile TV represents a fun and entertaining brand personality,” the group said in its announcement. “It’s not only memorable but also a ‘wink’ to retro. MCV will use the Dyle brand to certify that a device is capable of receiving and decrypting live mobile broadcast TV signals.”

The branding is intended to drive consumer awareness about the upcoming launch of over-the-air, mobile TV service. The MCV said in April it would have TV stations in 32 markets transmitting Mobile DTV by the end of this year. The coalition comprises 12 TV station groups and three networks.

“When a consumer sees the Dyle logo on a box, they will know that the device has the technology required for live mobile TV, on-the-go, wherever they are,” said Salil Dalvi and Erik Moreno, co-general managers of MCV. “TV station owners can be confident that a Dyle-enabled device offers users the best possible live mobile TV experience.”

The two other main Mobile DTV advocacy groups are the Open Mobile Video Coalition--the first one out of the gate, with the primary focus of establishing technology standards. The OMVC’s membership overlaps with the MCV and with the Mobile500 Alliance, itself comprised of 420 TV stations not included in the MCV. The Mobile500 Alliance announced last month that its members intended to launch two or three channels by the fourth quarter of this year.

~ Deborah D. McAdams, Television Broadcast