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MLB Network Scores a Home Run with Grass Valley

HILLSBORO, ORE.— MLB Network will install Grass Valley’s GV Stratus nonlinear media production tools into its production center.

Grass Valley has worked with MLB Network since its launch in 2009 and has already installed multiple Grass Valley K2 HD media servers, and in 2012, a second Kayenne Video Production Center switcher. The project is expected to be completed in 2014.

“Maximizing time and resource efficiencies is crucial to the smooth running of a network which airs 24/7,” said Tab Butler, MLB Network’s director of media mManagement and post production. “With GV Stratus, we couple optimizing our production processes to a higher level while reducing our CapEx.”

MLB Network ingests 5,200 hours of content each week. GV Stratus will offer a versatile software-based platform for nonlinear media production. GV Stratus supports ingest, editing, content aggregation, logging, transfer and playout. The nonlinear tools of the solution can be adapted in various combinations, allowing GV Stratus to be tailored to specific functional roles within studio production.

Additionally, MLB Network’s Diamond asset management system will be integrated into the K2 Summit servers as well as GV Stratus to provide enterprise-wide control and management of productions. GV Stratus is also coupled with enterprise-level storage furnished by the customer

Grass Valley has updated GV Stratus to include support for delivery of content to second-screen and multiscreen distribution platforms, tagging of content on the fly, and integration with the GV Edge Integrated Playout System to enable the segmentation of content for promo and commercial insertion.

Grass Valley project managers, services engineers and trainers will provide systems integration and training for the installation.