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Mitsubishi to Ship Large-Screen Laser TV

By late fall, a much-heralded-in-advance 65-inch laser TV screen from Mitsubishi should be starting to ship to U.S. retailers, said the company this week. If that shipping date proves correct, that will be just in time to take on the more "traditional" LCD and plasma HD models for the holiday sales season.

Along with its vividly detailed video imaging and broad range of colorization (prototypes of which have been on display at various trade shows in the past year or so), the large-screen laser unit will also boast a vividly detailed set of price points: MSRP around $7,000. That compares to a similar-size LCD screen, for example, of about $4,000.

The laser TV unit (dubbed "LaserVue") also will be a green machine, consuming perhaps only one-third as much power as its large-screen counterparts in the plasma, LCD, and rear-projection HD technologies, according to PC Magazine.