Miss Universe embraces Pinnacle Systems real-time graphics

Pinnacle’s Deko 3000 allowed the crew to make adjustments on the fly, even at air time.

The Deko real-time graphics system from Pinnacle Systems was selected to deliver the new graphical look of the 2005 Miss Universe competition, broadcast live on NBC.

For this year’s telecast, the producers selected a graphics device, the Pinnacle Deko 3000. Its capabilities include real-time 3-D motions, 3-D DVE-style transitions, video clips and animating true 3-D models.

Deko 3000 renders 3-D models in real-time. First, 3-D models are created in Discreet 3ds max, where images and text data are specified inside the Deko. Once these 3-D models are imported, designated images and text data are defined, and the resulting graphic plays back entirely in real-time, including the 3-D model. This allows 3-D graphics to be designed once, and then used in multiple graphics with customized text and images.

For more information, visit www.pinnaclesys.com.

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