MIRA Mobile focuses on sports with Fujinon

Portland, OR-based MIRA Mobile Television has acquired a complement of eight Fujinon HD lenses for the company’s newest HD production truck, M8HD. The new lenses include three XA72x9.3BESM and two XA88x8.8BESM telephoto HD lenses, and three ZA22 X 7.6BERM handheld HD lenses. The high-end 48ft trailer with a 35ft expanding side will pair the lenses with Sony HDC-1450 HD cameras, which can be configured for fixed or handheld use.

As part of a new multiyear agreement with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, MIRA constructed M8HD to provide dual production facilities for visiting sports teams in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. M8HD will provide side-by-side, dual-feed facilities in tandem with M7HD, which rolled out last August, though the new truck can also provide stand-alone production facilities when dual feeds are not required.

MIRA currently operates seven mobile units (three HD expandos, two digital expandos, one digital straight and one analog expando) from its offices and field shop in Portland and Vancouver, British Columbia. An additional mobile unit, the M9HD, is due to roll out in June. When M9HD is fully built, MIRA Mobile will have launched three new HD trucks in the past year, all equipped with Fujinon lenses.

The veteran sports production company opened a field shop in the Bay Area where both M7HD and M8HD are housed and maintained. In addition to the field shop, MIRA operates a second field shop in the Portland area.