Micronas, LSI Partner on Integrated DTV Chipset

Micronas and LSI Logic Corp. are collaborating on producing a chipset that provides the functionality for full-featured and cost-effective integrated digital TV (IDTV).

The resulting reference design will provide television manufacturers with a stable and proven platform upon which to base IDTV, according to the two companies. The challenges are to provide technology for processing, decoding and displaying ATSC broadcasts; processing, and displaying analog, digital, SD and HD signals; improving video quality with advanced signal processing; and to decode surround sound.

"LSI partnered with Micronas because of their industry-leading VCT-P all-in-one processor for flat-panel display television," said Kenroy Francis, director of DTV marketing, consumer products group at LSI Logic. "Together, we're enabling an ideal solution for the U.S. LCD-TV and plasma TV."

Wladimir Punt, director of marketing TV at Micronas, said "We selected the LSI DMN-8833 for the ATSC reference design to ensure industry-leading HD MPEG-2 decode quality and expertise that complements our very strong LCD-TV market position with VCT-P. Combined, we offer a best-in-class solution that gives manufacturers everything they need to quickly develop their own HDTV products that meet the video and audio quality expectations of sophisticated consumers."