Men posing as TV news crew allegedly attack pedestrians with stun gun

Police in Cleveland last week arrested a pair of men for felonious assault. The men are accused of posing as an ENG crew and using a stun gun to attack victims, WKYC reported Jan. 16. According to the report, a juvenile is also in custody as part of the alleged attacks.

Officers were summoned to a Cleveland neighborhood Jan. 12 after six males allegedly approached a pedestrian with a digital video camera, claiming to be members of a television news crew, the news report said.

The pedestrian was asked for an interview but continued to walk by. That is when one of the members of the fake news team allegedly shot the pedestrian in the neck with a stun gun, the station reported. Another attack on a different victim allegedly occurred later in the afternoon.

Police responding to the incidents arrested the three as they approached a bus stop, the report said.