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Mediatec Expands Grass Valley Fleet

Scandinavian outside broadcast company Mediatec has purchased 22 LDK 8000 Elite HD Grass Valley cameras for use in their vehicle fleet.

The order also included lenses, tripods and heads. Total holdings by the company now totals nearly 100 Grass Valley cameras. Mediatec had recently acquired eight LDK 8000s and two Kayak production switchers last September.

The two companies have been partners since 2007. Mediatec has grown from two trucks to 30, and covered all broadcast activities for last year’s royal wedding in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Our business continues to expand, and we quickly needed more cameras,” said Mediatec Sales Director Mats Berggren. “There are cheaper cameras on the market but we were looking for guaranteed reliability, quality, and performance—and that’s what the LDK 8000 Elite provides.”