Media Buyers Restructure Local Approach

NEW YORK: The big media agencies are restructuring their local-buying process, according to Ad Week. Some of the industry’s largest ad agencies are looking into new and streamlined ways of buying local media across TV, radio, print and the Internet.

“Few clients come to us and say, ‘I’m looking for a local TV plan,” ad executive John Muszynski told Ad Week’s Steve McClellan. “They want a local plan.”

The agencies spend around billions of dollars a year on local media, much of it through TV stations. Local comprises the largest category of ad revenue for TV stations, though the recession is having an impact. Local fell 27 percent across TV stations during the first half of 2009.

McClellan said one agency, Mediabrands, was considering folding its barter operation with its regular local-buying unit, which potentially could drive down prices. Another agency has initiated communications between local broadcast and print buyers, and yet another has centralized negotiations for multiple media forms.

The consolidation trend is double-edged. Buyers are bringing operations into fewer, larger offices that handle multiple types of media. The end result portends more competition among local media outlets.

McClellen’s piece, “Shops Restructure Ways to Go Local,” is available at Ad Week.

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