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Mazingo to Deliver FoxSports' Online Content to PDAs

Fox Sports and Mazingo are providing sports fans on the go with daily video highlights over their PDA's. on Lycos will offer its video content as a subscription product to Mazingo subscribers. Mazingo, a mobile entertainment network, delivers copy-protected movies, TV shows, news, sports and weather to PDA users.

Video highlights are digitally delivered in VHS quality and updated automatically when users synchronize their devices. The channel on Mazingo will offer content from Fox Sports and Fox Sports Net programming, which pulls from over 4,000 yearly pro and college sports games and related shows.

"Our partnership extends the Fox Sports brand well beyond sending simple text or images to mobile devices," says Mazingo CEO Brooks Haden. "Copy-Protected video is what sets Mazingo apart and we're pleased that [Fox Sports] has recognized this opportunity to deliver its video to a new audience, the mobile consumer."