Maxell to offer XDCAM media

Maxell has announced that it will offer media for Sony's XDCAM HD video systems. This new Maxell media is designed to meet the needs of direct-to-disc tapeless recording within the professional video and broadcast markets.

The new XDCAM Professional Disc media delivers a transfer rate of 72Mb/s with one optical head and 144Mb/s with two optical heads. The Maxell Professional Disc features a unique phase-change recording layer that creates a highly durable recording surface, low error rate and the ability to capture 1080i video and four tracks of audio. It also provides file-based recording and fast random access.

Each disc offers 23.3GB of storage capacity, up to 122 minutes of record/playback time in HD (MPEG HD LP mode), more than 65 minutes in the HD format (MPEG HD HQ mode), approximately 45 minutes at 50Mb/s in the SD format (MPEG IMX) and up to 85 minutes in the SD format (DVCAM).

The Maxell Professional Disc for XDCAM systems employs a high-precision, polycarbonate plastic cartridge to protect against dust, scratches and fingerprints and eliminates handling errors caused by heavy use.

Maxell will display the new Professional Disc for XDCAM systems at NAB2007.

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