Matthews Studio Equipment Unveils Gatorbuddy

Gatorbuddy hung vertically
(Image credit: Matthews Studio Equipment)

BURBANK, Calif.—Matthews Studio Equipment has introduced Gatorbuddy, a professional tool to help video shooters and photographers work with bounce and fill cards in an efficient way to increase their productivity on the job.

The sturdy yet mobile Gatorbuddy features a steel base and four Tente caster wheels. It can glide around the studio and then lock safely in place to enable lighting adjustments. Gatorbuddy can be used to move panels and V-Flats smoothly in and out to swap backgrounds, the company said.

Able to create walls and dividers instantly, Gatorbuddy also can be equipped with a laptop or monitor to use as a workstation, it said. 

The design features a sturdy wheeled base with a low center of gravity for stability. Eight inserts offer positioning of the three screw-in aluminum Baby Risers while a slider knob accommodates width and angle adjustment of various size panels. Adding a Junior Wall Plate to support a C+Riser or a V-Flat holder as well as adjusting angles is easy, the company said.

The new product is compatible with professional grip equipment. It uses 5/8-inch Baby Ppins on each aluminum Baby Riser along with multiple tapped 3/8-inch -16 receivers. Adding Baby Pins, clamps, grip heads and other accessories is simple, it said.

Gatorbuddy has a matte black finish and measures 39-inches by 18-inches by .82 inches. It is available today from Matthews dealers worldwide.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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